Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blaze and Lance - Process Post

Hi guys! Here's a sort of a short process post for a recent commission I did. It had a dog in it, which was an interesting challenge, but I think it turned out well!

 Adding the horse behind the dog was also a bit of a challenge. I had a hard time picking the right size for the horse to be, especially since I didn't want to cut him off.

Not cutting the horse off was hard, considering none of my reference had this angle in it. I had to pull together all my knowledge of foreshortening and structure to make it work.

Nearing the end, I was super happy with it and the client was too! I learned a lot about dog's mouths and how much detail I can leave out! The kneaded eraser was a huge help for the dog.

You'll notice I didn't do any under drawing for this. That was because I have found that outlining is my go-to method of drawing. It's what I do when I doodle... and when I don't want to think. It's only when I make a mess first that I can really make stuff look good.

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